Protecting Yourself from Electricity

Electricity is a driving force in our lives.  Without electricity in our lives, we wouldn’t have light, regulated heat, power tools, and a lot of the technology that we rely on in our world today.  With all of the electricity and the equipment that relies on it, it is important that we practice electrical safety tulsa in all situations.

Don’t Overload your Outlets

electrical safety tulsa

The main way that we receive electricity is through electrical outlets.  These outlets are fed by a main power source and are designed to distribute power evenly throughout your home or office.  When we look at these outlets, it is important that we don’t overload them.  If we do overload, them a breaker will trip at the power source point of origin, cutting off the power supply and protecting the power source and our items from damage.

Stay Away from Water

Water and electricity don’t mix.  In fact, water is what is known as a conductor.  This means that an electrical current will travel through the water in an erratic way.  If the current comes in contact with us or something else, it can cause a lot of damage.

When dealing with water, you want to also consider using a GFI outlet as well.  This special outlet has a trip circuit that will shut off power if water is detected. A GFI outlet can be found in kitchens and in bathrooms where water is most often found.

Hire a Professional

Don’t try taking on jobs that you are not sure about.  When working with electricity, you can make simple mistakes that may have devastating outcomes.  When hiring an electrician, it is vital that they are licensed and bonded.  You want to make sure that they have experience and that they are able to be as safe as possible when performing work.